Our consultation services – Jyotish Readings

The astrological counseling practice occupies a large space with us. Many people look for support in making decisions in certain phases of their lives or would like to see their own issues in a different light and understand them better. Understanding facilitates acceptance and acceptance is the first step to change – at least that is our experience.

Our approach is above all to see and respect the individual and to recognize and explain his or her particularities. We are always anxious to work solution-oriented. We conduct our consultations either here on our premises or as video consultation or by telephone. Video consulting is more and more accepted and has become technically very simple today. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information and c instructions. We also have cheap telephone rates abroad and would be happy to call you if you prefer to make a phone call.

You can also benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in astrology, naturopathy and communication. Find the offer that’s right for you.

Comprehensive initial consultation

Horoscope analysis including the most important areas of life such as health, profession, partnership, important phases of life, talents and life tasks.

1 hour – 130,- Euros

Follow-up consulting or Astro-Coaching

One-hour consultations to deepen or expand your knowledge or to accompany you through challenging phases of your life.

1 hour – 80,- Euros


Astromedical Analysis

This analysis focuses on health and you should best order it when you are still healthy. We help you to identify and mitigate weak points at an early stage, but we can also support finding the diagnosis in case of mor coplex medical complaints.

1 hour – 130,- Euros


Partnership analysis

For the partnership analysis we need the horoscopes of both partners, which we evaluate and then point out the topics, which from an astrological point of view result in the cause of friction. Even couples who have gone round in circles for a long time have received valuable information from us.

1 hour – 130,- Euros or 1,5 hours – 180,- Euros


Job analysis

Young people, in particular, do not necessarily want to have their whole horoscope analysed, but would like to receive a few impulses regarding their profession, for example.

1 hour – 130,- Euros


Muhurta – Calculation of the most favourable moment

No matter whether it is an operation or a marriage, a move or a business start-up: the right start date carries the potential of the project in itself. We will help you to choose this time as cheaply as possible.


The fee will be according to the time involved calulating the date.


What we need from you: Your date of birth, time and place of birth. Please make sure, that your birthtime is as accurate as possible. Either ask in the town hall or hospital where you were born or search for note from your parents (in photoalbums etc.)